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Application Deadline - March 1, 2024

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The 4-H Camp Counselors are a group of 4-H teens selected to assist in being responsible for campers ages 6-15 during 4-H camp. As a result of participation, counselors will develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and aspirations needed for adult success, and the Washington County 4-H program will be strengthened and expanded.  Roles and Responsibilities of 4-H Camp Counselors include:

  • Attend required trainings prior to camp 
  • Market and promote camp 
  • Serve in a leadership and teaching role to other counselors 
  • Serve on committees or other groups to plan programs at camp 
  • Conduct self in an appropriate manner before, during, and after camp while serving as a role model to campers and peers 
  • Assist staff and other counselors with camp activities; work as a team to implement the activities  
  • Know and understand all safety guidelines, including emergency procedures, associated with the camp and program areas 
  • Follow and enforce camp rules 
  • Assure for safety of campers at all times including in cabins, sessions, and large group activities 
  • Be aware of child protection regulations and report any child abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect in accordance with university policy 
  • Identify and respond to camper behavior issues 
  • Ensure campers’ health and hygiene, e.g., brushing teeth, eating meals, taking medication, etc. 
  • Promote camper participation during camp 
  • Lead and supervise campers in activities at camp including but not limited to songs, teambuilding challenges, group activities, challenges, etc. 
  • Teach and lead campers at workshops or during other components at camp (table setting, song leading, etc.) 
  • Mentor and give guidance to campers to encourage positive youth development and enhancement of life skills


  • Teens (age 14 by camp time) are invited to apply for 4-H Camp Counselor positions
  • Teens are needed for all of these camps. You can help with one or all four (based on age)
  • Junior Camp at Camp Hervida                     June 24-28          $40 registration fee
  • Cloverbud Day Camp at Camp Hervida       July 1                    No Charge
  • Beginner Camp at Camp Hervida                 July 2-3              $20 registration fee
  • Senior Camp at Camp Hervida                     July 22-26                 $40 registration fee
  • Space Adventure Camp at Marietta College      June 11-13                     No Charge


  • Complete the application in its entirety, including the video (2 mins maximum)
  • Provide reference link to two non-family members. (First Time Applicants Only)
  • Read and sign the Standards of Behavior, Camp Cell Phone Policy, and Camp Counselor Code of Conduct forms. 
  • Submit application, sign up for an interview (1st and 1 Year Experience Counselors) by Friday, March 1

Online Application:  Link at top of this page.

Reference Link:

The online application includes questions about your interest to be a camp counselor, which camps you want to help with, activities you want to help with, etc. The online application requires you and a parent/guardian to sign a code of conduct/policies and requires you to upload a photo of yourself and a short video (2 minutes max.) about why you want to be a camp counselor, describe your experience working with kids at camp or elsewhere, and a fun fact about yourself!

2024 Dates:

  • March 1 4:00 PM Online Application & References Due
  • Sunday, March 17         3:30-5:00 PM        1st & 2nd Year Counselor Assessment & Interviews (Interviews completed as a group during assessment) at Extension Office
  • Sunday, March 24         3:30-5:30 PM          Counselor Training at Extension Office
  • Sunday, April 14            3:30-5:30 PM          Counselor Training at Extension Office
  • Sunday, April 28            3:30-5:00 PM          Counselor Training at Extension Office
  • Sunday, May 12             3:30-5:00 PM          Counselor Training at Extension Office
  • June 4                            TBD                    Counselor Retreat (day trip)
  • June 9 - 10                     TBD                   Counselor's Camp at Hervida
  • Sunday, June 16             3:30-5:00 PM          Counselor Training at Extension Office
  • Tuesday, June 18           5:00-7:00 PM         Counselor Training at Extension Office

Have questions? Contact Camp Director, Martha Webster at, 740-350-7585 or the Extension Office at 740-376-7431