Application Deadline - January 31

Click here for Camp Counselor Recruitment Video

Dear Potential Camp Counselor:                                                             

It is time to start thinking about the 2020 4-H Camping Program! You can be a part of the camping program by being selected to be a 4-H camp counselor. Working as a camp counselor is a tremendous responsibility and privilege, but the rewards are great.             

Teens and young adults are selected to be care providers for young campers based on their fulfillment of a selection process that is similar to real-life job selection procedures. Your participation in this selection process can enhance your employability skills and prepare you for the expectations of future employers. As when applying for any job, you should neatly and thoroughly complete requested items for the camp counselor position. All of the following documents are online this year and can be accessed using the links below.   

Please read the 4-H Counselor Event Opportunity and Job Opportunity Announcement found here. This will give you the information about eligibility and all of the necessary dates.

Next, please read the 4-H Camp Code of Conduct, Standards of Behavior for Minor Participants, and especially the Ohio 4-H Camp Cell Phone Policy. Click on each of these links. There will be a questions in the application regarding whether you have read and understand these documents.

If you are a first year counselor or have one year experience, you need to sign up for an interview time, attend assessment, and just first year counselors need to provide two references. Assessment will be February, 9th from 3-4:30 at the extension office. Interviews will be February 17th from 3-6pm and February 23rd from 2-5pm. The link to sign up for an interview time is found here  

Copy and paste the following link to send to two non-family adults to be completed for references. If you are member of a 4-H Club, please have one reference be completed by your advisor.

Lastly, here is the actual application . This must be completed in one sitting. If you would like to see the questions ahead of time to prepare your answers, you can access them at this link. - 2020 Application Questions