February 14, 2018 - 12:23pm -- bolen.8@osu.edu

2018 Grazing School is a series of meetings designed to teach the principles of Management Intensive Grazing. Management Intensive Grazing is a systems approach that helps you better utilize grazed forages. If you raise livestock, and utilize pasture to feed them during the year, then Management Intensive Grazing can help you become more profitable.

The Grazing School will consist of four evening sessions: three classroom sessions at the Adult Career Center, 21740 State Route 676, Marietta OH, and one pasture walk session at Marshall’s Farm, 6605 Germantown Rd., Lower Salem OH. The School is sponsored by Ohio State University Extension (OSUE), National Resources Conservation District (NRCS) and the Washington Soil and Water Conservation District. The cost for the School is $55 per single person (food and materials) and $80 per couple (food and shared materials).

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